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Wonder NAILS is an organization who manages the issue of hairlessness. We are focusing on straightforwardly in the issue zone, our rationale is to annihilate hairlessness from our country completely. Also, we are truly doing hard to achieve our objective. Individuals cherish us and our administrations, as we are doing our work dedicatedly and attempting to not baffle our clients. We are expert in Nail Art, Nail Extension, Nail Refill, Hair Extension, Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding based in Kolkata, India.

Wonder Nails – Best Nail Art in Kolkata

Wonder Nails is one of the Best Nail Arts in Kolkata. We offer quality nail art services at very reasonable prices. We offer various services for our clients like Hair bonding, Hair weaving, Hair Extensions, Hair Treatment, Hair Transplant, Nail Extension and Nail Art. The team of Wonder Nails is more professional and dedicated to their work. Just book your appointment & enjoy our services like -

Nail Extension in Kolkata

Nail Extension is an artificial process to add extra nails placed over your natural nails. Nail Extension is recommended for those who have short, weak or bitten nails. Further, it adds strength and durability to your nails and prevents your original nails from breakage, chipping & splitting. Finally, you can add color, gloss and design and get that fashionable look.

There are 3 types of Nail Extension, 1.Gel Extension 2.Acrylic Extension 3.Poly Gel Extension. The extension should last 2 to 4 weeks & Wonder Nails provides this service at budget-friendly prices. It means fashionable nails at lesser price! What else is needed? So, if you’re looking for Nail Extension services, you’re on the right website.

Wonder Nails have a professional technician, who will give you proper guidance regarding Nail Extension without damaging your nail beds and cuticles. We are also offering Nail Art and Nail Refilling for our clients. Book your appointment today to enjoy these amazing services that enhance your look.

Hair Bonding in Kolkata

Hair Bonding is one of those medical treatments which can help you get back your hair to its natural form. This method is effective for both men and women type of baldness. The Hair Bonding is non-surgical, so no pain & side effects. Our professionals will measure the bald area and take a hair patch of the matching size. Then the expert will shave off the bald area using a clipper. After that a hair wash & the hair patch will be attached there.

You can easily get your desired look. It helps you to regain your confidence. Its hassle-free even you don’t need to open and wear it every day. Hair Bonding is perfect for any age of men or women, who are suffering from hair loss. Even you can wash, comb your hairs just like your natural hairs. You just need to visit us once in a month for proper maintenance just like haircuts and shavings.

Wonder Nails is providing this Hair Bonding service from the last 5 years. We are doing Hair Bonding with professional and advance technology that gives you a much more attractive look.

Hair weaving in Kolkata

Wonder Nails is one of the most well-known and advanced destination for non-surgical cosmetic Hair Weaving for baldness, that helps you to get your desired hairs instantly. Hair Weaving is the advance version of non-surgical hair replacement treatment. A hairstyle can make or break your appearance.

Hair Weaving is beneficial for both men and women. You can get your natural look instantly. It’s much cheaper than Hair Transplantation. The cost for Hair Weaving will be between Rs.3000 to 18000. It depends on your hair volume and hairstyle also. As there is no need to operate, it’s painless & just needed 2 hours for Hair Weaving.

You can choose the best quality hair from Wonder Nails. If you’re looking for quality service with genuine products within your budget then you should try Wonder Nails in City Centre 2, New Town and we assure you that you’ll get your desired result from us.

Hair Extensions in Kolkata

Hair Extensions are the most useful style tools today. From normal persons to celebrities, everyone uses Hair Extensions to upgrade their look easily. If you are looking for something well-colored, lengthy, or extra volume, or want wavy extensions, then Wonder Nails can be the right choice for you.

If you are worried about what color will be suitable for you, it depends on your complexion. But lighter colors are easier to blend or gradient colors. The cost of Hair Extension depends on what you’re getting like quality, color, length & extra-volume. Hairstyle plays a vital role in giving that ideal look to your gorgeous outfit.

With Wonder Nails, you don’t need to worry about your look after the Hair Extension is done. We love our customers & we only sell them the best products. Our hairstylists are much more specialized and professional; they’ll give their 100% effort to make your look naturally perfect.

Hair Treatment in Kolkata

Nowadays, Hair fall and hair thinning are the most common and serious problems in most of the people’s life. Both male and female are suffering from hair problems, even the kids are not excluded from the list. The reasons for hair problems are increasing of pollution, hard water used to wash your hair, anemia, stress, hormone change and so on. So it’s very much important to take care of your hair.

In Wonder Nails, our professionals will take care of your hair by offering Hair Treatments like hair spa, hair oiling and all related services to your hair, which will help in your hair growth. So, don’t wait, just book your appointment today & get rid of these problems.

Hair transplant in Kolkata

Hair Transplant is the process, in which hairs are taken from others part of your body and transplanted in the places which have a lack of hair. It is mostly used for beards, body hair and hair on the head. There are two types of Hair Transplants -

• FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation) – In this process, follicles are extracted carefully from the back of the scalp and implanted at the beneficiary site.

• PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - This process is a revolutionary treatment. This is a non-invasive process and there are no side effects of this process. In PRP treatment, the body uses its blood there & you get the most natural-looking hairs. In this treatment, the patient’s blood helps for hair growth.

Wonder Nails is the most well-known destination in Kolkata for Hair Transplantation & other advanced treatments; you can get your Ideal look back. Book your appointment now.

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Nail Art

Nail Art ₹30 per Finger Onward

Nail Extension

Nail Extensions ₹1200 Onward

Nail Refill

Nail Refill ₹700

Hair Extension

Hair Extensions ₹15000 to ₹30000

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving ₹3000 to ₹18000

Hair Bonding

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